Commemoration Event in Lima

To commemorate the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust a commemoration event was held on November 9th in La Victoria, a district of the city of Lima.

In La Victoria (350,000 inhabitants) the commemoration of the Reichskristallnacht was used to show support for Israel and to honour the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

The city administration invited the Israeli Ambassador, the Jewish community, survivors of the Holocaust, pastors and leaders from local churches to a memorial in the town hall. Ruben Gutknecht, Director of “March of Life“ Latin America was one of the speakers. The Holocaust survivor Anita Karl told her story. For many attendees it was the first time they heard the story of a Holocaust survivor. During the event a video was shown about Reichskristallnacht and the March of Life's haTikva video.

Afterwards six trees were planted on the main city square to commemorate the six million murdered Jews.

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