70 Years Sportpalast Speech

On February 18, 2013, exactly 70 years after Joseph Goebbels’s infamous Sportpalastrede, a big memorial event was held in the Glass Courtyard at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Representatives from the German Bundestag (parliament), different embassies, science, Holocaust survivors' associations as well as Jewish and Christian organizations came together in order to "Remember - Question - Set a Mark". Their touching and often very personal words of greeting commemorated the destructive power of the words in the past, and they set a mark against modern anti-Semitism.

After the defeat of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad, the German people followed Goebbels in committing to "total war" in 1943, thus prolonging the already lost war for two more terrible years. Goebbels asked ten questions to call the Germans to committing their lives to Adolf Hitler without conditions. Jobst Bittner, the initiator of the March of Life movement, said that this ten-fold vow has lain "over Germany as a leaden veil. It was like a dark antithesis to the Decalogue and one of the ghastliest forms of idolatry. By their joint 'yes' to following Hitler by faith and without limits, clearly including the persecution and annihilation of the Jews, the listeners took on guilt that has not been realized in terms of its national repercussions." The memorial event closed with the confession of that guilt before God and corporate prayer for new blessing.

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