Paraguay: After the March of Life – Re-opening of Israeli Embassy After Eight Years

Following the Marches of Life in 2011/2012 connected with numerous seminars on the Veil of Silence and national repentance and reconciliation events, there has been a significant shift in Paraguay’s political situation.

After the impeachment proceedings against Paraguay‘s former president Fernando Lugo in 2012, Horacio Cartes was elected new head of state in April 2013. The conservative politician remarked at his inauguration: "I'm not in politics to make a career of it or become wealthier. I'm in politics to serve my people." The motto of his election campaign was "New Directions".

One new direction his administration is taking is the improvement of Paraguay’s relationship to Israel. The Paraguayan Embassy in Tel Aviv, that had been closed since 2005, is to be re-opened shortly. Regular meetings of government officials and their counterparts in  many different areas are scheduled for a closer cooperation. The Paraguayan government shows great appreciation for Israel. For the participants of the Marches of Life in South America this is a great answer to prayer.

In 2012, close to 400 people took part in the “Marcha de la Vida” in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, making a clear statement for Israel and against anti-Semitism. The route of the march led past the former Nazi headquarter and finished in front of the Parliament bulding.

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