Taking the Message of the March of Life to Schools in Israel

In December 2016, group of young adults whose ancestors were Nazi perpetrators visited schools in Be’erSheva and Ashdod to speak about their personal family stories and report on the March of Life.

In an auditorium full of students, one young German said, “Our families gave their lives to see the destruction of the Jewish people. It is the least we can do to use our whole strength and our lives to tell the truth and say 'never again'”.

It was the first time for the Jewish teenagers to hear such testimonies and obviously they had many questions. Another young German shared how he had used to make anti-Semitic jokes about Jewish people, but now he was part of the March of Life movement and stood against anti-Semitism. “I wrote a term paper at school, did presentations, and told my classmates they should not joke about Jews anymore. At first they laughed at me, but when I told them about my family history they started thinking about it”.


A student at a school in Ashdod had seen the “Hatikva Video” on YouTube, with descendants of the perpetrators singing the Israeli national anthem. He showed it to his classmates and teachers. The school director then contacted the March of Life movement in Germany. The Hatikva singers, the dance group “YC-Dance” and other young people responded to the invitation. Both sides are looking forward to further cooperation.

There are plans or further cooperation between Israeli schools and the March of Life, in which Israeli classes will also come to Germany. Another trip is planned in 2017.

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