March of Life Honored with the Emil-L.-Fackenheim Award

On April 25, 2017, the Jewish Community of Halle (Germany) awarded the March of Life from Tübingen, Germany with the Emil-L.-Fackenheim Award for Tolerance and Understanding in a solemn ceremony.

In his statement on the reasons for this year’s choice for the award, Max Privorozki, chairman of the Alliance of the Jewish Communities of Saxony-Anhalt, said that the March of Life combined the memory of the most horrible years of German history with actually working through the past and reconciling the descendants of the victims and the perpetrators. This is a powerful statement against modern anti-Semitism and for the State of Israel.

Jobst Bittner, chairman of March of Life, accepted the prize, which comes with a check for 2,000 Euros. In the concert hall of Ulrichskirche, he said, “Nobody who remembers how easily you can become guilty through indifference and silence can remain silent in the face of anti-Semitism, hatred of Jews and any form of racial injustice.”

In his laudation, Auschwitz Researcher Prof. Dr. Gideon Greif honored the March of Life for creating a foundation on which it was possible to openly speak about things that many generations had remained silent about for so long. “You have created nothing less than the foundation for working through traumas, hardening, and fears of many generations past. So in your daily efforts you make a way for a better future for Jewish-Christian relations, rendering outstanding services to Jewish life in Germany – as well as to the State of Israel.”

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