Jewish-Christian Cultural Week on Hanukkah

Hanukkah has been publicly celebrated in Tuebingen since 2004. This year the March of Life celebrated the Jewish Festival of Lights, which remembers the rededication of the second temple of Jerusalem in 164 B.C., from December 12th through to 20th by hosting a Jewish-Christian Meeting and Cultural Week with a diverse program.

At the very beginning artist Mina Gampel, who is a lecturer at the Art Academy of Esslingen, opened her exhibit “Tradition und Moderne”, which remains open for viewing through to 14th February 2018 in the Café and foyer of the TOS Church Tuebingen, Eisenbahnstrasse 126.

Manfred Levy, who is from the educational center at the Fritz Bauer Institute and Jewish Museum Frankfurt, held a lecture at the Univeristy of Tuebingen on Antisemitism and the conveying of Judaism in school. His studies show how large the ignorance about Jewish life is in the larger part of German society. Many school books depict Judaism stereotypically and abbreviated which, according to Levy, carry Antisemitic stereotypes into the next generation.

At the height of the Hanukkah Week Rabbi Zsolt Balla, as one of the first two Orthodox rabbis who were trained in the Federal Republic of Germany after 1945, lit the Menorah candles on the Tuebingen marketplace. Afterwards he answered questions about Jewish life in Germany and his personal career in a talk from the podium.

A ‘Dreidel and Latkes Night’ along with a joint concert evening with Christian and Jewish musicians were part of the further program. In addition, every day of the week the candles were lit at different locations in Tuebingen at 6 p.m. to make Jewish life and culture visible in the public. The activities had good attendance and were overall well-received. Some were streamed live in Facebook and can be viewed retrospectively.  

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