When People Determine the Value of Human Life...

The Systematic Mass Murder of the Holocaust began with disabled and mentally ill people in Castle Grafeneck in south-western Germany. March of Life held an official remembrance ceremony in cooperation with the Grafeneck Memorial on the anniversary of the first killings in January 1940.

On 18 January 1940, the first 25 psychiatric patients were murdered in Grafeneck in South-West Germany - 30 km from Tübingen. The reason: In the eyes of the Nazis they were “useless eaters”, “dead weight beings” and “unfit”, that needed to be eradicated from the “racial body”. Within 11 months, 10,654 disabled and sick people were killed in the gas chamber at Grafeneck.

The newspaper "Reutlinger Generalanzeiger" (GEA) wrote about the ceremony in Grafeneck:

"It was a special, indeed moving and deeply disturbing remembrance ceremony on the eve of the beginning of the kilings in Grafeneck 78 years ago. 'So a celebration there has not been since the founding of the memorial' said its visibly touched director, the historian Thomas Stöckle who researches this terrible crime on the Albs since 20 years." (...)


Watch the video about the remembrance ceremony here.

See photos of the memorial event here.

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