March of Life Day with MK Yehudah Glick

“You don’t have to be Right or Left to join the March of Life. The March of Life unites all nations. From here should come a message of life, of peace and of love,” said the Knesset representative MK Yehudah Glick who described his first encounter with the March of Life movement in Poland as an 'unforgettable experience'.

For the March of Life Day on February 10, 2018 organizers and friends of the movement from all around the world came together for exchange, mutual encouragement and planning the worldwide advances and preparation for the March of the Nations in Jerusalem. Among the speakers were Rabbi and Knesset representative MK Yehudah Glick, Maren Steege from the Consulate General of the State of Israel in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Gerd Walther, Mayor and co-organizer of the March of Life in the coastal sea-side resort of Ueckermuende, Holocaust researcher Prof Dr Gideon Greif and Holocaust Survivor Assia Gorban.

The initiator of the movement, Jobst Bittner, began by asking the question, “What would it have been like after the 1938 November pogrom when on this fatal night ten of thousands of people had taken to the streets against anti-Semitism?” He emphasized the importance of public statements against anti-Semitism and on behalf of Israel. Working through family history and historical reappraisal should not be relegated to television documentaries. An indifferent position towards Israel must be erradicated. One of the main focuses of this March of Life Day was on the Aktion T4  within which the murder of handicapped people took place marking the start of the Nazi’s mass murders. Professor Dr. Gideon Greif gave a moving afternoon lecture on the topic.

 An Iranian citizen affirmed, even in face of the Iranian threat, “I stand firm with the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Iran invests its entire funds in the fight against Israel. We cannot be silent because if we do the same thing can happen again.“ Gerd Walther, the mayor of the coastal sea-side town, Ueckermuende who has been organizing Marches of Life in his town since 2015, spoke about his own personal working through family history and how he recognised it as his task in the name of the town to ask survivors and their descendants for forgiveness. Assia Gorban, representative of the Holocaust survivor association 'Pheonix from the Ashes', emphasized the meaning of the March of Life for Jews who live in Germany. Maren Steege from the Consulate General said of the State of Israel that its establishment can be an example for every pioneer project, “... the State was not only created by the hands of men. With all the courage and all the determination, the history of Israel teaches us that we can anticipate the miracles of the Almighty.”



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