March of Life House Israel

Come to the March of Life House in Caesarea and participate in a Shalom House.

The March of Life House in Caesarea, Israel, has been established in 2015. It has become a new “home” and center of the worldwide March of Life movement. Every week Holocaust survivors come to the March of Life house to have a nice lunch in community.

Our local staff - Petra Hennig and Lesly Jimenez - tell them about the March of Life and serve them with practical needs.

These are precious hours that often change a life forever!

Stay there for a few days

Booking inquiry to buchungsanfrage(at)
(costs: 35 EUR/50 EUR p.p./night, plus 50 NIS lump sum)


Inquiry to Petra Hennig (petra.hennig(at)
and Lesly Jimenez (lesly.jimenez(at)


Story: They last saw each other in the ghetto

After 73 years Berta and Rita meet again in the March of Life house

In The March of Life house in Caesarea, the team witnessed a very special encounter in early June. Berta Feinstein and Riva Leibovich, who had been friends in the Ghetto Mohyliv-Podilskyi in Ukraine today, met again for the first time in 73 years. The two women immediately recognized each other and hugged each other.

Berta was 13 years old when she came to the ghetto with her family in 1941. Riva, who is from Moldova, was just five years old at the time. Riva's mother had asked Berta to take care of her daughter. That's how the two got to know each other. However, they lost sight of each other after the war. Riva had severe health problems as a child due to severe malnutrition. Berta graduated from Kiev University with a degree in Russian Literature and Linguistics and then spent 40 years as a teacher in Minsk. In 1990, both came to Israel without knowing each other. Through the organization "Helping Hand Coalition" this meeting came about after 73 years during a "Shalom House".

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