Rise for Israel in Paraguay

The planned relocation of the Paraguayan Embassy in Israel to Tel Aviv is a devastating signal.

New Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez has announced that his country's embassy in Israel, which was relocated to Jerusalem in May, will be relocated back to Tel Aviv. Regardless of what you say about the message issue, this decision is a devastating signal in a region that has been an inglorious playground for anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli activities of all kinds in past and recent history. After the dictatorial regimes of the post-war era openly welcomed Nazi war criminals, Islamist organizations and the Iranian mullah regime have been working actively for decades to build Latin America as an outpost for its anti-Semitic and anti-Western terrorist activities; especially the Paraguayan city "Ciudad del Este" which is considered an Eldorado of the illegal activities of Hezbollah and Hamas. Vice President Hugo Adalberto Velazquez Moreno has also been linked to these activities in the past. Palestinian messages have been set up in many Latin American capitals, most recently in Colombia, with targeted disinformation campaigns designed to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the state of Israel.

That is why Paraguay's “Marcha de La Vida" has teamed up with many Christian communities and denominations along with the organization "Amigos de Israel"  to take a stand for Israel and in an open letter urged the President to keep the embassy in Jerusalem. This would prevent a fatal signal of encouragement from being given to extremist voices in Latin America, who want to wipe Israel off the map and threaten to gain the upper hand in public discourse. At the same time, friendship with Israel would be strengthened.

Link to Letter to the President of Paraguay: bit.ly/2Qv9IKp 



15.09.2018, 18:00 h: Demonstration for Israel, Plaza de las Americas, Asuncion

23.09.2018, 10:00 h: Marcha de La Vida, Guayabi / Paraguay


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Open Letter to President Mario Abdo Benitez.

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