On 16.9.2018 the third March of Life took place in Krakow. Irek and Maryla Czubak, who are part of the Polania Foundation, organized this March. At the launch ceremony in the square in front of the Old Synagogue, representatives of the city and the churches were joined by the Israeli Ambassador Anna Azari and Edward Cwierz, coordinator of March of Life in Poland.

Claudia Kiesinger and Gudrun Sandhofe stated as Germans how their parents and grandparents were involved in the crimes and events of the Holocaust. Towards the end of the event, they presented roses to the present Holocaust survivors with a message of appreciation to them. The artistic highlight was a play about Dawid Kurzmann, whose grandson Marcel Kurzmann was also one of the invited guests of the event.

Rabbi Dawid Kurzmann was a Jewish entrepreneur and head of an orphanage in Krakow. The inhabitants of his house were forced in 1941 together with the Jews from all over the city to move into a ghetto, before eventually being deported. The Germans offered Kurzmann permission to stay in the ghetto, but he insisted on staying with the children. Thus, the 77-year-old was brought along with approx 300 orphans to the extermination camp Belzec. There he had to accompany them to the gas chamber. He himself along with all the children sadly perished. In 2016, Kurzmann's grandson Marcel published a book about the rabbi called "They Were All His Sons". It is based on his research on the life of his grandfather.

Following the very moving play, the March of Life began, making its way via the Ulica Szeroka and the Ulica Miodowa to the Temple Synagogue.

At the closing ceremony in the Temple Synagogue, in addition to classical music performed by the Orchestra of Music Schools in Krakow, there was also Jewish music for dancing by the Israeli singer Ayala Levi Kalusky and the Jarmula Band by Irek Czubak.

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